Crotty Hall

Images geared toward concerns. Many times projects will have areas of special interest to the town, client, or neighboring properties. For the new Crotty Hall building on the University of Massachusetts campus, the issue in question was the sites minimal width. The town and neighboring properties had an interest in better understanding how the new building would fit in on the site in regards to height and setbacks. Town officials also wanted to see in detail how the slope and landscape would be addressed given the proximity to the neighboring building. MAAD Architects was brought on to the project to accurately model topography, existing surrounding building heights, and the new building in relation to the existing. Our initial visualization package helped secure a positive go ahead for the project from the town.


After design finalization, we were then commissioned to do a set of presentation drawings and diagrams to be used for project presentation and publications. Given the buildings construction documents, we created high quality vector plans, elevations, and sections. We also created a serious of diagram sets that show the buildings extensive systems in simple form. 

20 Roof Plan_Page_10
20 Roof Plan_Page_09_edited
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20 Roof Plan_Page_15