The Visualization Process

We believe positive collaboration begins with clear communication and understanding of the process involved. Our process gives options that allow for us to accommodate all types of clients looking for a rendering set.  You don't need to be architecturally trained to develop beautiful images with us, you just need a vision! Need a designers eye to help in finding that vision? We can help with that too!

Step 1. You provide either...

a) A Detailed Sketch

Maybe your project is in the very early stages? Maybe the project is speculative and only requires high quality graphics without hard lined drawings? We are happy to work with a detailed sketch as a base from which to begin developing renderings. You provide the spacial dimensions, design, and material intent. We can take it from there. 

b) A 2D CAD Drawing

Have a developed CAD drawing of the design you need rendered? You can send this our way as a base drawing. Our team will take the 2D drawings provided and develop them into the necessary 3D BIM model to then be rendered. 

c) A 3D BIM Model

Have the project modeled in 3D BIM format? We can use these files as a direct base from which to develop required views and render. Providing a BIM model will usually result in an overal cost savings as our team saves time in developing the 3D model. 

Step 2. We develop and send back...

After reviewing your provided design, we then take that information and generate a highly developed 3D BIM model from which to generate the desired perspectives.  This model includes any 3 dimensional elements required to accurately depict the rendering and design intent. If desired we may send a few perspective options for you to review and choose from. Material samples are also confirmed at this stage.  

Detailed 3D Perspectives 

In an effort to ensure a seamless collaborative process, we ask our clients to review the perspective views prior to final rendering.  This step gives us a chance to make sure we are meeting specific image and modeling content criteria and saves time and energy by eliminating would be revisions.

Client Verification Stage

Step 3. You provide pre-render comments.

Step 4. We bring it to life!

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