Benefits of 3D renderings for Real Estate Developers, Architects, Designers, and Contractors

  • Higher perceived firm value: Clients love great imagery. Renderings are a visual component that those outside the field of architecture can understand and relate to. Before and after rendering comparisons in a company portfolio are a great way to demonstrate to clients that they will understand your design from conception to completion. 

  • Greater design approval rates: Clients don't want to pay for design elements they don't understand. A set of renderings provides clarity a 2D drawing simply cannot achieve. When the details of a design are fully understood a client is much more likely to move forward. 

  • Attract new clients: Renderings provide an ideal medium for promoting not only a specific project, but also a firm or organization. They are a unique tool in that they can be implemented in a multitude of marketing strategies. 

An Investment That Pays Off

  • Less Rebuild Expenses: Renderings allow any project component to be seen in real perspective before its actually build. This clears up any errors in design communication long before the construction phase, therefore avoiding client frustrations and expensive rebuild costs. 

  • Greater investor interest: Many big ideas require investors to move forward. Conceptual renderings of what could be achieved with a particular piece of land or existing building breath life into a vision. If just one of the right people is swayed by the power of imagery than the rendering costs will have more than payed themselves off. 

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